Do you have additional flavors?

Yes! We have almost 100 unique flavors. However, since we are in the early days of our e-commerce business, we’ve decided to start with 5. We will release more flavors as time goes on 

What cheesecakes are gluten-free?

Sorry! We do not have a gluten-free cheesecake at the moment but plan on adding a few to the menu soon!

Can cheesecakes be frozen?

Yes! Cheesecakes can be frozen and will last in the freezer up to 6 months. We highly recommend you fully thaw before eating

Who ships cheesecakes?

La Signature does! We guarantee all shipping to be delivered within 5-7 business days of you placing your order. Currently, we only ship to the East Coast

Return/Refund Policy

Given cheesecakes are perishable items, there are no returns or refunds. However, all cakes our backed by La Signature’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Can you consume if pregnant?

Our Almond Amaretto, Rum & Raisin, and Hennessy Bay cheesecakes contain alcohol. Pregnant women are advised not to consume alcohol.

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